Takes a look at the November 12 trilogy fight amongst Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, and anticipates another prime battle between your two rivals.

When Manny Pacquiao steps to the ring to fight Juan Manuel Marquez they are likely to finish perhaps his greatest rivalry that has a dominating functionality knowning that strikes me being a bit unfair to the fighters with the track record between those two all-time warriors.

Is this really determined by style and skill? The amount of will be based upon issues that may well not mean a lot inside a roped off square?

It seems to me that when there seemed to be room for separation between these, we might have observed it over 24 rounds. I’m certain in case you gathered every scorecard on this planet, totaled them up and averaged it, you’d have a draw. Judges in training ought to have to score those fights as his or her final exam. I developed two draws (113-113 and 114-114).


You may remember that Manny was supposed to flatten the “Mexico City Terminator” (you can’t keep him down) from the second fight for many people of the identical reasons they are expected to do it within the third. Pac-Man was faster and younger than JMM in the past, too, but it really was his brand-new right hand that has been going to be the difference, plus it wasn’t really a factor.

These times individuals are pointing to your weight limit of 144 lbs since the reason Marquez has so little opportunity to win. I’m unclear it is going to develop into that big an agreement when all is alleged and done. Firstly, The Lightweight Champion enters into the ring around 145, that's just a few pounds a lot less than what his opponent is weighing lately. The weight differential is going to be lower than that it was for his or her rematch.

We have no doubt that Pacquiao can be a superior welterweight as he or she is more appropriate to go up resistant to the bigger fighters for reasons of athleticism and type. Marquez doesn’t hold the spring in his legs to dart to send and receive. Waiting in front of guys who are 160+ pounds wouldn’t do great for him.

Regardless, those big guys aren’t on Marquez’ level skill-wise and in addition they didn’t bring the stylistic difficulty either. So long as he doesn’t fool around along with his body too much, he’ll be considered a stronger fighter as he won’t must diet or cut any weight within the last couple of days. I’m actually looking forward to seeing two top fighters who weren’t 10-15 lbs lighter yesterday.

Frankly, a lot of this stuff regarding the weight originates from just how Floyd Mayweather shut him a bit low awhile back and i believe it had more with regards to Money than other things. Besides, Pacquiao is a distinct opponent.

In my view, the most significant challenges Marquez faces are Pacquiao’s bad assedness and the own mileage. 37 is ancient in boxing and Marquez has been around his share of wars in the past. However, he is doing seem like a man who takes very good care of his body, which is why he or she is still at this level.

“Dinamita” isn't quite as explosive as he was when these two first met, but I think precisely the same is clearly true about Pacquiao. Now when was the final time you saw him throw that left hand with the exact same kinda hell he about it when he was young? I’m from the minority, in this In my opinion Manny has lost a little bit off his fastball throughout the years. He’s got more tools to depend on now, but he definitely doesn’t chuck that left as often, or with the exact same velocity, as he did when he started beating everyone up.

All 4 knock downs inside the 2 previous fights happen to be a result pacquaio vs marquez of that devastating left. Mosley proved that one could keep Manny from heating merely by turning toward his significantly less deadly right hand, we imagine JMM and Nacho uses that tape, as well as their experience, for their advantage. Getting off the left hand is half the battle, and they have to know it.

Looking towards his right will cut Manny’s usual output in two in case he isn’t landing huge left hands with consistency, the group will likely be quiet. Those slow, slient rounds undoubtedly favor the thinking man, Marquez. He’ll must keep things calm for 7 or 8 of 12 to experience a chance at securing that elusive victory along with a guaranteed Tens of millions of dollar payday to get a fourth encounter.

Can he keep his trunks off the canvas this time around? Manny almost knocked him out twice already. There’s no getting around that fact.

At the moment, I feel when Marquez keeps his feet on the floor for 12, he wins, but Pacquiao can drop or stop him at any time.

It’s a near even battle to me, that has a slight advantage to Manny because he’s younger and may change everything with one punch.

I’m really looking forward to watching these two greats clash at least one more hours.

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