Despite having delivering Juan Manuel Marquez to the canvass already on numerous instances within their 2 fights, Manny Pacquiao had not been ever competent to send Marquez away.

Pacquiao is trying to greatly improve that when he appear again for an HBO Ppv televised belt defense for his WBO welterweight title from the 38-year-old WBO and as well WBA lightweight belt holder Marquez next Nov. 12 with the MGM Grand in Sin city.

Pacquiao fought Marquez by way of draw plus a split-decision in May of 2004 and as well March of 2008, correspondingly, if the 2 fought against in the beginning for Marquez’s WBA and IBF featherweight belts then his WBC junior lightweight belt.

“I would declare that this one is a bit more personal. Manny Pacquiao will never state that he dislikes Juan Manuel Marquez, however the message that I’m getting, considering Manny or anything else, he would like to generate a statement,” said Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach.

“When Juan Marquez reached the Philippines and campaigned which he felt which he won both fights, and hubby wore a shirt that read which he beat Manny Pacquiao twice, that had been a real slap in the face for Manny Pacquiao.”

Pacquiao’s adviser, Michael Koncz, denied the fighter has derived any further motivation from your T-shirt.

“Manny doesn’t need any motivation from your f-king petty T-shirt or anything this way,” said Koncz. “Manny just wants to input it from everybody’s mind that he’s not the most effective fighter outside the two of them.”

Pacquiao sent Marquezto the canvass thrice around the opening round of these first fight, and made it happen again inside their second meeting. Yet, some explain those knockdowns ended up the visible difference pacquaio vs marquez on many of the scorecards, and this don’t have them Marquez can have one make an impression on Pacquiao, it mat be two.

Inside the first fight, judge John Steward been there for Pacquiao, 115-110, while Guy Jutras been there 115-110 for Marquez, and Burt A. Clemens had it 113-113.
From the second bout, Judges Duane Ford and Tom Miller been with them for Pacquiao, 115-112 and 114-113, respectively, while Jerry Roth been there for Marquez, 115-112.
“I thought Manny won both fights. One judge created a mistake within the first fight. How could that happen? We were holding close fights, with one point separated both,” said Roach.

“Depending on which style that suits you, that’s who you’re gonna think won those fights. I think we won both fights. But that’s life.”

“They were two, really good close fights. Manny will not say anything, when I mention those activities to him, Manny gets this sparkle as part of his eye and the man gets that little grin that they provides me with,” said Roach.

“This time, he really means business. I really don’t imagine that we have to concern yourself with Manny hurting Marquez this time around and pulling up and watching him go the length.”

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