Future hall of famer trainer, Freddie Roach, thinks Manny Pacquiao is very much considerably improbable previously during his whole entire training camp to organize for the third fight Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

Pacquiao is going to defend the WBO welterweight belt from Marquez on November 12, a fortnight from now of the for being much predicted third fight between the two. Pacquiao won the next of these two past fights, while the first one finished up within a draw - however each effects are actually marked by condemnation, through Marquez bemoaning unjust treatment from the judges.

Information coming out on the Pacman’s team indicates he's wanting to pull the pacquaio vs marquez 3 cloths line beneath feud just by obtaining the knockout victory - and in many cases Roach has witnessed the will inside the Filipino’s determination during the entire closing of the training camp.

“His work ethic provides improvement over ever,” Roach was quoted by 8countnews.com. “He talked about once to let him determine he’s reducing. As i identify that he or she is, I noticed him. He’s still a product, he’s still going strong. Manny Pacquiao isn't nearly done yet.”

Then in a very strong threatening caution to Floyd Mayweather Jr, with for a long time been in connection with a mega blockbuster bout versus Pacquiao, Freddie Roach boasts Manny Pacquiao is only starting to be at his prime at his present ages of 32.

“His timing, his distance, it’s all uniting. This can be the top Manny Pacquiao yet,” Roach claimed.


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